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Yeah nothing quite like disparaging scientific studies willy-nilly UNTIL you find one that suits....

The data is from a single Icelandic bay. Not a global signal.

The author says “What we’re getting to here is palaeoweather.” Weather ain’t climate, right Ian?

And the presented data stops at 1600 AD, well before reliable direct temperature measurements were available or the onset of what some people call Global Warming.

Nevertheless it sounds interesting. The reality community will, as always, wait to see how it's recieved and how it holds up under scrutiny / deeper analysis.

Chris Shaker

Evidence of a global signal, found also in New Zealand

AGU published research paper, "Evidence for a ‘Medieval Warm Period’ in a 1,100 year tree-ring reconstruction of past austral summer temperatures in New Zealand". Looks like it had world wide effect.

Chris Shaker

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