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Chances are it was a vagrant or possibly even a sheet-web.

I've been getting a lot of them coming in as I live in an environment surrounded by bush. Apparently males wonder indoors looking for a mate but die of dehydration fairly quickly.

That product Miss Muppet's Revenge halts them in their tracks too !

Shunda barunda

8mm puncture marks?
That is a damned big spider!!
Did you find it? or is this monster still roaming around!


Is that the actual Spider? 8mm apart, thats about the average spread of my tarantulas. Hope you find it, when you do...snap a picture please :)

Ian Wishart

Haven't found the monster yet, although based on the 8mm spread I'm wondering whether a mousetrap might be more effective than fly spray.

I have seen large whitetails, but nothing recently.

I do recall once driving down a quiet suburban street and seeing something scuttle across the road 50 metres in front of me. When I reached it it was literally the size of my palm - one of the Avondale spiders of the kind that starred in Arachnophobia.

I could still see it in the rear vision mirror from a hundred metres further on. I don't think they bite, however.

Shunda barunda

"When I reached it it was literally the size of my palm - one of the Avondale spiders of the kind that starred in Arachnophobia."

Note to self: do NOT go to Avondale!


Are you sure that those aren't 2 much smaller bites?

I have seen spiders leave a "track" of bites across the skin.

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wew! that spider scares me even if it's just a picture.. waaaaaahhhh

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If it gets too cold they die,but they also go underground where it does not get all that cold. They lay the eggs and the eggs hatch out next year when it gets warm.
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Some die, some hibernate. Many leave behind egg sacs which hatch out in spring, and in a mild winter many adults will also survive. Climate change will mean that this happens more often, so there may be more and different in the UK spiders ... torrents

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