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search Google news for WWF it's all over there, Delingpole, Booker.

The MSM won't pick it up; the WWF has a cute panda as a logo.


Ironic how the contextual Google ads are about carbon trading.

You too can be part of the fraud!


" It is, and always has been,about money,power and control"
That sums it up exactly as it is , Ian.
But I cannot understand why the "average" environmentlist has not worked this out and how the whole scam has put their cause back 20+ yrs in the eyes of alot of the public.
( Like many others who disagree with the AGW theory , I am not against all of the issues raised by the "Greens")


Why don't the greens campaign to remove Sodium fluoride from our water supply, or at least educate the sedated public?(Mass medication with a corrosive poison that causes bone cancer, and calcification of the pituitary gland which causes sedation and an inability to think logically, which is why Stalin used it in his camps)


Leon, the tiny amount of fluoride put into drinking water is a very safe dose. Don't forget that excessive salt is poisonous - contains chlorine! Excessive water intake will kill you.

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