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Ian Wishart

Ah Ken. Still no quibble with my take-down of the Royal Society I see. Same old attack the messenger style you have, but never dealing with the substance of the posts. Ever.

By the way, you boasted you were holding NIWA and people like the Royal Society to account the same way you pursue sceptics. Willing to cough up any proof of this tough stance of yours or is the world still seeing that Ken Perrott is all mouth?


Sorry Ken, you can try making stupid accusations, but it only proves you are incapable of reading.

Your technique to then pile more baseless accusations on top of the first makes you look a little vague. Not the crisp mind I would think belongs to a scientist.

Links everywhere? That would be a total of 1 physical link to Lovelock, a noted warmist blathering on about Russia and Oil companies (who is fixated with conspiracy theories again?).

And the only other links I talk about are the UN and IPCC, except they are actually related to each other. You might want to research that.

And a link count of ONE. "Links everywhere" indeed!

Hysterical? That would be that AGW is causing the end of the world, which seems to be a common theme from the warmist side of the camp.

Am I hysterical to suggest that mankind living sustainably is one of the greatest challenges we face - resource management, energy use, fresh water, population density, deforestation and pollution control are all key examples of the overall issue? It's so obvious, it's common sense.

I don't add though that we'll get sea level rises of 2m any moment now.

Whilst I am unqualified to comment on the science of AGW, I can at least understand the political response the IPCC say is required, and on that score, they are blowing hot air. Happy to debate with you on that, but perhaps you should stick to the science, since you are obviously medically challenged with "conspiracy theory transfer syndrome" and it repeats like a broken record after each one of your comments.

I came on this thread and simply responded to your rude comment in kind, and pointed out you were simply flinging mud with no real substance. I'm not having fun pushing back like this though Ken, so I'll leave you to the last word, should you so chose. Other readers of this thread can judge for themselves the quality of your contribution.


Zentiger - very true "Whilst I am unqualified to comment on the science of AGW," That also goes for Ian. even in this post he shows a lot of ignorance (as well as arrogance of course) on this subject.

But it doesn't stop you, or him, does it?

You claim to know more than the real experts.. You are continually thinking you are "taking them down", showing them up. But it is a position of ignorance. Reality is a lot more complex than you imagine. And that's why we have experts.

And these experts, to the extent they even notice such rubbish, must get great laughs out of this blogs, The NZ Conservative, etc.

You wouldn't take your car to the old idiot spouting out his conspiracy theories on the street cporner - you would take it to a mechanic.

That is why our government, most governments, rely on the IPCC for the best scientific knowledge about climate change. Not people like Ian or you.

And who would blame them.



The Zen Pussy and Ken are playing ... oh so good to see!

Let us get back on topic- that's Keith's little foray into the Royal Society ... and why exactly Mr Hunter has stooped out of his career as a nice fat jolly uni lecturer working hard for research, and his students ... and taking over the mantle of driving the University of Otago into the MMGW debate.

Personally - when he shoots his mouth off like this - he brings the university's name into disrepute.
Not that UoO is as it claims to be, NZs leading research uni - that's just propaganda.

There is no science here ....

I'm just waiting for the other ocean chemist nutter to turn up here. He will be noticeable from all the metal shit he has sticking out of his face.

At the end of the day-if you want to get your research out there - and funded - you become political.

Pity that the research has been shown to be fake. That leaves 2 options: Become a die hard fanatic, and deny reality. Or fade away and do something useful.

Well ... I have the feeling I will die of old age whilst this debate continues.


Christy should be invited to the meetings, whatever it costs. A real climate scientist, creates the UAH satellite records, is on the IPCC and has a real grasp of what's happening.
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