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It's odd to see the NZ government still stoically trying to destroy our economy in the name of Gaia, when over in EUtopia, the cards are falling.

As I had predicted a while back, there would be deaths on the streets of Europe, and now this is reality in Greece.

The UK will not be far behind. Check out this from the Guardian

I would predict that there will be riots and bloodshed on the streets of London within the next five years. The riots will probably target racial minorities.

Given that the Eurozone looks like heading for collapse, one would think it wise for NZ not to fritter away money on inconsequential ETS schemes, when in fact we should be laying down an emergency supply of baked beans.


The only racial minorities on the streets of London are White people ....


Funny article Geoff, doesn't mention real money at all.

UK gdp NZ$3.69 trillion

14% = NZ$513 billion



While I'm at it -

How many satellites in your night sky?


I'd agree, Singularian, that the money isn't real money, it is silly numbers.

Mind you, you could be called Goodluck Jonathan and be about to be sworn into the Nigerian Presidency, ...

Goodluck David Cameron ????

FAP Turbo

How much carbon is traded on individual emissions trading schemes world wide?

FAP Turbo

Anyone have any idea on the scale of the carbon credit economy? What kind of volume are we talking about here?

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