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Well Once again.

It goes to show. All the 'Cry baby' Pontificating of Oxfam, Greenpeace and the UN on poor 'Drowning' Pacific Islanders was grossly over exaggerated Rubbish. As some of us already knew all along. It was an excuse by those 'bent' organisations and some of those Island Nations own Govts to 'Screw' over the 'gullible' for more money in Aid and donations.

(not so) Silent

Oh dear. And meanwhile Perrott, Renowden, Cedric, CM et al continue to sink...


"Oh dear. And meanwhile Perrott, Renowden, Cedric, CM et al continue to sink..."

Yeah :-)

Of Interest:

Theories fail to take atoll

HOW embarrassing. Global warming worriers have gone from warning Tuvalu will drown to wishing it damn well had.

How often we were told it could be the first Pacific nation to be swallowed by the rising seas caused by our evil gases.

In fact, warned Al Gore in his An Inconvenient Truth, so dire was this danger that "the citizens of these Pacific nations have all had to evacuate to New Zealand".

Of course, this claim was as phony as so many Gore made in a film that was honoured with an Oscar, endorsed as accurate by the CSIRO and shown with reverence in every school in the country.

As a British judge later ruled, there was no evidence of climate refugees from the Pacific having to be evacuated to New Zealand or anywhere else to escape rising seas.

Kench and co-author Dr Arthur Webb have a fun way in their paper of summing up their findings, saying "results contradict existing paradigms of island response".

Which you and I would interpret as: Tuvalu is refusing to drown as the warmists predict.

Indeed, the only thing now drowning out there is the credibility of that grotesque green horde of hysterics, dreamers, carpetbaggers and moral grandstanders that has whipped up such baseless fears for a decade.

So to those who once cried "Tuvalu", we now say a cheery "toodaloo".


Well, I recall a glossy brochure from Oxfam a few months ago that left the reader with the impression that a climate exodus from the islands to NZ and Australia was already underway. People in the northern hemisphere reading it might think that without knowing any better. Just ridiculous propaganda. Yet, I haven't noticed any climate refugees in Australia. Have you in NZ?

Truth Seeker

It has been known for some time that Tuvalu and The Maldives are in no danger of sinking, not from global warming anyway.

Steve Wrathall

Meanwhile state education has brainwashed schoolchilden for over 20 years that our Pacific neighbours are in imminent danger of drowning. See my "global warming brainwashing in schools" YT video

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