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John C Estes

The unfair hostile reception aside, being able to find an ignorant idiot in a room full of people is not hard. And it certainly doesn't serve as "an indicator of just how dumbed-down global warming believers are".
It only proves you found an idiot. They're not hard to find.


Exactly. Look how many conspiracy theorists there are out there.


I found it more amusing that James Cameron challenged Morano to a debate on climate change and then chickened out last minute (cancelling while Morano was mid-flight).


What was Cameron thinking agreeing to that sort of debacle in the first place. What an idiot.

Xavier Goldie

Technically it would kill you through asphyxiation in an enclosed space, just much much much more slowly than Carbon Monoxide poisoning, which kills you through a greater haemoglobin binding affinity than Oxygen. You would eventually suffocate, though.


Barack Obama: 'no' to solar panels on the White House roof

An ill wind blows for Denmark's green energy revolution

Denmark has long been a role model for green activists, but now it has become one of the first countries to turn against the turbines.

Carbon offsets: Green project offends Indian farmers who lose land to windmills

A Dutch bank that bought carbon offsets to neutralize its carbon footprint was unaware that poor Indian farmers had been aggrieved by the green project.

It did. The Dhule wind project brought the erection of about 550 windmills on land used by 2,000 adivasi. The tussle over the land resulted in a confrontation between stone-throwing tribesmen and truncheon-wielding police, bringing tear gas and arrests. Some 12,000 trees were cut to erect the turbines.


Of interest:

The 'Eco-GreenNazis' stoop to a new 'low' of propaganda greenie CO2 despotism!

Now wonder it was directed by the moron from the Age of Stupid. Yeah 'real stupid'!

Due to complaints to their 'vile' Video. It has now been dropped.

Today we put up a mini-movie about 10:10 and climate change called 'No Pressure’

"No Pressure" by The 10:10 campaign: all skeptical kids and adults will be detonated on 10/10

A message to 10:10 -”sorry”, just doesn’t cut it

Well, it’s official. The 10:10 Carbon reduction team was embarrassed enough by their vile video showing children who disagreed with carbon reduction schemes getting blown up.

Eco-jihad - the movie

UPDATE: It looks as if the message is getting through - the video has been pulled from youtube ... but there's always other copies, and Anthony Watts has a neat update.

O…M…G – Video explodes skeptical kids in bloodbath

My Inbox exploded with tips today, this one in particular. This unbelievably vile video from the 10:10 campaign takes the award for the most disgusting climate and carbon reduction video ever. It is in a class by itself, which is off the scale. See also Ryan Maue’s post below this one on the tie in for 10:10.

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