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At first I thought you were talking about the value of print versus free digital. Then I realised you may be talking about Santa Claus.

If so then why bother when the writers you mention have done so eloquently well.
(And by the way when was the last time that God solved/cured the problem of the poor amputee?).


AH yes, but have they done so well? Read the book...


Hi Ian
That's very generous of you. It's my favourite of all your books, I paid full price for it at Whitcoulls a few years back. I will link it :o)


Thanks Ian.
Took me a while to figure out how to get it as a PDF - easier to read offline and share it around a little.


How do I get a PDF of it easily?


Look for the download button. Sign up with the hosting company. Wait for their email and get validated etc.


PDF available at the parent URL


Thanks Ian. I have the hard copy as well, but this will make it easier to cut/paste snippets for blog posts or as backup to comments.


Thanks Ian. I managed to get the PDF and have read it. I agree completely with your apologetics, discernment and warnings.

A must buy.


Just a shame Dawkins absolutley slaughters you in his latest book "The Greatest show on Earth".A comprehensive slapdown on the nonsense of intelligent design and associated rot...

Shunda barunda

Associated rot James?
By the way how did your Pope go against that Catholic one? get em arrested did he?
I see you and your fellow Dorkinists are now aggressively seeking more religious "market share" with a plethora of "holy" texts and writings, good luck with that James.

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Thanks Ian. I managed to get the PDF and have read it. I agree completely with your apologetics, discernment and warnings.

A must buy.


Can't say I'm a fan of the book (brought it years ago when I was a Christian but didn't really find it convincing then either - particularly the selective miracle stories of Marlene Klepese, etc), but I'm looking forward to hearing you speak at Hillside.


Hi Stan, good to see you're still around and engaging in discussions at least. The journey of faith is often a leap in the dark.

Best wishes

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This is some great information. I feel way to much attention is given to aerosols. This is an absolutely ridiculous focus point. The fact is the information in regards to global warming is inaccurate and has been manipulated. I am totally against the pollution of our environment. Fossil fuels are antiquated. Why is the electric car not being pushed more? Ill tell you why. Because a small amount of men want to pollute our earth for their gains. Outrageous!


So I can shell out $20 for a dead-tree version, or I can be forced to sit at my computer and slog through the unbelievably badly-formatted 'online' version because you can't be bothered to release an iPad or Kindle version at a reasonable price?

Don't bother advertising this 'free' version - it needs to die a quick death.

Nox Edge

I have heard a lot about this book and really looking forward to read it.


Derek - the world is not against you. Lighten up buddy - they're not asking you to pay for the "unbelievably badly-formatted 'online' version".

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