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charles wintergreen

Read Renowden's hot-topic post entitled "Long way around the sea". He regrets that a record ice melt this year is "beyond reach". His language betrays him, and we see him for the disaster-monger he really is.

charles wintergreen

Long way around the sea
by Gareth on September 3, 2010

With the northern hemisphere summer fading into autumn, time for a quick overview of Arctic events. The sea ice is nearing its annual low point, and appears to be heading for a minimum somewhere between 2009 and 2008 — 2007′s record minimum appears to be beyond reach.


Andrew Montford's review (GWPF) of Climategate is due soon.

(Author of The Hockey Stick Illusion)


On Q and A today, you'd think that Globa Warming was a religion, and our religion. The Academics seem to be brainwashed on the issue, as does the media...frightening stuff,and any one whodoesn'tbe believe is laballed a denier. How stupid.


Sorry about the typos. At school too, children are bing brainwashed and sold the Climate Change lie as though it''s set in concrete and can't be disputed. How wrong is that.

Jamie Farquar

Tanya - Did this Q&A feature a certain Gareth?

He was condoning "direct action" (a short step away from violence, imho) on his website recently.

The guys on HT all seemed to think that this was cool, despite the fact that John Reid had been shot dead not a week previously as a result of his "direct action" on climate change.

Make no mistake, these are not rational people we are dealing with here. They are psychopaths who will think nothing of frightening children with fake stories of polar bears drowning, and using their "science" blogs to promote their sick political views

Utterly disgusting specimens.


Australian Temperatures in cities adjusted up by 70%!?


Andrew Montford's Climategate report has now been released


Deutche Bank has released a well researched and referenced paper that is the definitive refutation of the climate skeptics positions.

As the effects of climate change will have tremendous impact on the long term decisions of investors the bank has given great effort to inform its customers with the best advice they can muster. This paper will be a tough read for Ian and his disciples.


And on sea ice extend some hard to deny data:


And on sea ice this:


And the most convincing curve of them all, the sea ice volume loss.


Global warming brings peace and happines

From the Chinese Dept of the Bleeding Obvious

A study correlating economic and political changes in China's Middle Kingdom has found that warmer climate benefited society. By contrast, a fall of temperature of 2C was correlated with conflict and famine.

New Study: 5,000+ Years of Data Reveals Hurricanes Not Influenced By Climate Change; IPCC Climate Models Wrong

Chinese Peer-Reveiwed Study Provides Overwhelming Evidence That IPCC Is Wrong: Medieval Warming Was Hotter


The Findings of Three New Peer-Reviewed Studies: Coral Reef Damage From CO2-Warming Was Overblown Hype


Media Climate Change Bias; Only Melting Ice Makes News

Figure 1 shows the extent of Antarctic sea ice for 2010 up to September 10. Ice extent has been about 1 million square kilometers above the 1979 – 2000 average.


Response To Misinformation From Deutsche Bank


RK: Can you please post links to the actual peer reviewed papers you mention, not links to blurbs by other climate denier blogs?

The climate change denial blogosphere is such a self referential network where everybody regurgitates each others claptrap with virtually no actual science papers to read!

And I am sure that McKitrick hates the DB report and so do the rest of his SPPI "Institute" as their chief science adviser good old lordship Mockton....

While the hounds of the blogosphere will HTM till the kows come home over it all (Join the TEA PARTY, Join the mob of pitchforks...) the report will settle things nicely otherwise.


RK: From your story of the Chinese and temperature drops in the past leading to famine I quote this:

"The collapses of the agricultural dynasties of the Han (25-220), Tang (618-907), Northern Song (960-1125), Southern Song (1127-1279) and Ming (1368-1644) are closely associated with low temperature or the rapid decline in temperature," say the academics led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Now hang on a minute, was that not the infamous Medieval warm period???
OOPs, ah, well perhaps then the Hockey stick was not so wrong after all? Perhaps there was no global Medieval warm period affecting China? Perhaps it was just a local phenomenon like a stronger gulf stream making northern Europe warmer?

And of cause, a 2 Deg average temperature drop would be rather bad, but so will be a 2 Deg average rise!


Chinese Peer-Reveiwed Study Provides Overwhelming Evidence That IPCC Is Wrong: Medieval Warming Was Hotter

Newest Ice Core Data: Medieval Temperatures Unprecedented; Modern Temperatures Only Lukewarm In Comparison

Hot Summer In Europe Causes Rhine River To Become Trickle; Parisians Using Seine River As Walking Path

Read here. As everyone knows, regions of Europe, including parts of Russia, experienced an uncomfortable heat wave for several weeks during the summer of 2010. But how about a heat wave and drought that lasted for several months? Well, certainly not in this century, nor during the late 20th century when there was a huge growth in CO2 emissions. But in 1540, there was a European heat wave that was truly unprecedented.

Latest Peer-Research on Mayan Civilization Confirms Medieval Climate Change Was Unprecedented - The Worst In Last 3,000 Years

New Russian Research: River Floodplains Provide Conclusive Evidence That Medieval Warming Greater Than Modern Warming

Medieval Warming In Scandinavian Mtns: 2 to 4°C Hotter Versus Modern Summer Temperatures


Ah RK: More circular references to blog crap. I asked for the actual papers not some right wing nutcase blogs interpretation of them.
And you did not address the initial issue: Your reference to China's apparent cold spell that caused famine and dropped temperatures there by 2Deg according to the link you sent exactly in the so called Medieval warm period. So where is the truth according to your sources???

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