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Very funny!

Quoting what you say here Ian:

"People on the Left hate Ian Wishart because...I challenged the groupthink behind key policies in the last Labour Government. Why? Because it's the media's job to challenge and no one else was doing it. If you believe the left-wing conspiracy theorists, Investigate was part of the vast right wing conspiracy. But if that's the case, how does one explain this?"

Thats all very fine, but where are all your challenges to the NEW government? Where are all the allegations about ministers in the new government? Was it you that produced a scoop on Heather Roy, or Richard Worth, or David Garrett?

It seems to me that the switch to your more favoured government - Climate Change became the primary direction!

John Boy

Ian's record appears pretty good - he has rattled some big cages and would have been sued if he crossed a line. Anyone honest that a politicain hates is OK with me.

Jak Stevens

Forget those articles.

Is John Lennon In Hell?

Was your worst article ever. EVER. The most reputation damaging piece of childish rot that Investigate ever allowed onto it's pages.
What were you thinking?
Was it just a very slow month?


I disagree Jak. From a Christian or spiritual perspective generally it is a valid subject that many wonder and even worry about so it was worth consideration. The perspective was OK too given the high profile of JL and the potential influence arising from that.

Ian Wishart

Peter...if you look at Paradise Conspiracy, Lawyers Guns & Money, Daylight Robbery etc, I did nothing but spend the 90s giving the Nats hell.

In the noughties it was Labour's turn, and now the Nats are back in power. I don't think they love me for helping wake the public up to the climate con, nor were they happy with my expose on smacking recently. When I broke the WSBC story referred to above I front-paged the involvement of Internal Affairs Minister Richard Worth. Your comments are therefore uncalled for.

Jak, I'm glad you raised the Lennon story because it illustrates a wider point very well.

The freelancer who gave us the story is a gay religious studies doctorate and quite controversial author. It is a sign of Investigate's tolerance, I suggest, that we accept articles from those who see things differently from ourselves. Investigate has never stifled other voices, and some people appear to misunderstand that.

It was also an interesting and challenging thesis that provoked discussion. John Lennon is not a sacred cow...and his work dealt with spiritual questions.

A magazine like ours is not going to please everyone at the same time. Our mission is to make people think, not feed them mushroom fertiliser to fill the space between the ads.

You don't have to agree with us, and if you think a story sucked you should write in and explain why, rather than fester in silence. If our facts are wrong, call us out. If our conclusions are erroneous in your view, explain why.

Shane Ponting

It was a very good day indeed the day I discovered Investigate Magazine.



Which particular issue of Investigate was that?

Ian .. the time you went for Richard Worth was when he was a backbench Opposition MP, not when he was a minister in government!

Also, attacking climate change does not really attack the government because the opposition holds a similar line.

Also, what about Don Brash. You actually thought he was worth electing didn't you?

And the promotional mag for the Brethrens and all


"Thats all very fine, but where are all your challenges to the NEW government? Where are all the allegations about ministers in the new government"

Here's an idea Pete-- start your own magazine and blog and expose them yourself! Go for it man, you can do it. The world is waiting for someone erudite, well informed and fearless like yourself.

Shane Ponting

Peter I was at my first gym back in the 'naki and they had various magazines at the waiting lounge. There was an '01 issue which caught my eye - and I was enjoying the read so much the owner said I could take the issue with me (I still have it).


I would draw a reasonable conclusion that Ian Wishart's contribution to investigative reporting has been mixed in quality, and skewed in terms of targets.

Its like being a shock jock in print. Leighton Smith would appear to be a natural ally.

In terms of the writings - some cliches are apparent. I hope there is nobody going to "hell in a handcart" this time!


It's good to have around antagonists like Peter, for he and his ilk serve to sharpen the mind and the pen tip.
I would put Peter in the, as Bill O'Rielly would say, "Pin Head" category.
There you go, Pinhead Peter.


You forgot David Parker and forcing a Labour Cabinet Minister to resign.

Or did that not make the cut because it was a conspiracy? ;)


Not a very sage contribution SageNZ. Well I guess the gradual undermining of the prime minister would have to go on the list too. Contrast that with the backfiring of attempts to undermine Annette King. There was also David Cunliffe, wasn't there? But worst of all was the failure to put the National Party to the sword over the Hollow Men and Don Brash's "flirtation" with the ACT party. Its OK, but there is a hollow ring to protestations that Wishart wants to hold those in office to account and also claims that this is all about objectivity. Face it, Wishart is a campaigner and appeals to higher motivations of journalism don't wash with me. The image of Investigate Magazines with smiling John Key covers and scowling Helen Clark covers remain.


Keep up the good work Ian, I enjoy and appreciate what you do.


"The image of Investigate Magazines with smiling John Key covers and scowling Helen Clark covers remain."

In don't read Investigate, and can't recall the cover(s), but if I think of our last PMs the mental image is of a smiling Key and scowling Clark.


CJ .. I didn't get where I am today by ..

A pity you don't read Investigate because if you did, you would know what I mean.


Peter - by that last comment you obviously read Investigate. Why do you read it if you think it's rubbish? Is it because, deep down, you're afraid that the magazine actually uncovers a lot of truth?


Ben .. I used to read it for my amusement, but for some time have not got around to picking up the magazine. Spot checking of it suggests that it could still be a source of some mirth however!


"...helping wake the public up to the climate con..."

Um, where and when did you do that, and how did I miss it?


I have been catching up with Investigate Magazine. I see one story is extracted from "Eve's Bite" - surely not the cover story. I have tried several times to read about Rudyard Kipling - whatever the writer was TRYING to say could have been covered in a few paragraphs?

Leopards and Cougars on the Heaphy track? Indeed? Shades of the Loch Ness Monster and the imbomnable snowman here!

Have I missed anything important I wonder?

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