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Nostalgia for those fans of the Christian Heritage Party - I am sure there are still some in this forum!

B Whitehead

Keep up the good work, Ian, NZ suffers from a lack of good investigative journalists. I don't agree with everything you have ever written, but I respect your right to express your views.


I'll echo the keep up the good work comment, Ian. So far as I am aware you are one of the few objective investigative journalists that we have left in NZ. I have personally enjoyed most of your books (I exclude only those that I haven’t read), and I continue to enjoy Investigate – a magazine that has no rival in this country.

Peter has always been myopic and a bitter old Labour hack and troll. For how many years has he been hanging around this blog now? I do believe the appropriate term is “infatuation”.


I first came across Ian Wishart when a diehard lefty acquaintance of mine started raving about what a terrible journalist he was. I concluded that something he'd said must've touched a nerve, so immediately went out and bought Eve's Bite, and found it very informative.


Just a minute: the will spells it as "Jeannette" - but the Crewe tombstone spells it as "Jeanette"! Check out the photo of the tombstone in "The Final Chapter" by Chris Birt, page 17.

What's going on here? There is definitely a typo here, but is it on the will or the tombstone?

Ian Wishart

Muffin, I too wondered about that when I first saw Birt's book, but every legal document Jeannette signed (and I have a number of them) is in double n. She did not, of course, sign the tombstone and I doubt the granite worker who carved it realised he'd made a mistake until it was pointed out to him. I don't think Len Demler was going to die in a ditch over the ommission of an 'n' so it rested as is.


Peter - you are still there!!! I've been absent for a couple of years doing some research. Hence I'm not up to date and ask if there has been any news on Ians calling for a Commission of Enquiry into police conduct 30 years ago? Has Ian been able to advance this with the the eminent judge, using the sworn affidavits, tape recordings etc.

Kevin Bovill

Hello Ian,

I would like you contact you about giving some exposure to a sensitive issue.
Kevin Bovill


Eion Tought

Whats Up
I am a Building Estimator who was pricing insurance claims 2 years ago for HNZ after the earthquake in Christchurch.

Just recently I learnt that the New Zealand Government doesn't insure it's State homes. I queried it and the reply was, "Can you imagine the annual Insurance Premium Bill?"

And I thought, "My God Yes.!"

The Sales agent, from a building wrap company, said, "It is cheaper for them to take it on the nose if a house of theirs burns down, or gets destroyed. The only problem is, they didn't see the earthquake coming and they were caught with their pants down."

If they didn't insure, why were they claiming insurance?

You may be able to help with this.


Ross Eion Tought

(Building Estimator)


Why did the police go to such lengths to get Thomas convicted? Was it because Hutton was under pressure from Walton to get a result or, as Wishart believes, was there an ulterior motive?

The circumstances of the cartridge case were so suspicious that it couldn't be anything but a plant - and a badly executed, clumsy and amateurish plant at that. Although the royal commission found Hutton and the late Johnston planted it, Hutton was not prosecuted because of insufficient evidence. And when you think about it, it looks difficult to prove with certainty just who planted it. Circumstantial evidence again.

By the way, I came across a source that said Demler was loaning money to Hutton to buy a farm. Is that true?

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