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John Boy

Having read this over the weekend I was wondering if there's a police list of bad people waiting to be set up and if you're not on it you have little to fear in respect of being charged unless your connection to the event is so obvious it would be embarrassing to ignore it.


Conspiracy nutters unite! Yeah don't worry that these people have families.


Talking about attempted murder.

It is rumoured that two nights ago, down in deep dark Dunedin Town, that a University of Otago lecturer in the Physics Department attempted to strangle two female students in a corridor outside his offce.

They fought off their attacker, and laid complaints with the Dunedin Police.
As yet, the [sic corrupt] Dunedin Police are yet to lay any charges following the written complaints of two students due to the fact that the University cannot withstand another scandle after the Clayton Weatherston murder of Sophie Elliot.

The females were known to the lecturer in a private capacity.


Investigate's website has gone AWOL Ian!


This theory is absurd, and is meeting with a great deal of disappointment and derision.

In the above article, it is suggested that making money for Investigate/Ian - not finding justice - a s the motivator for this.

Some also claim David Tamahere is not guilty, in spite of the telephone log evidencer against him.

Ian Wishart

Peter, you are reading too much into a story written by conspiracy theorist Neil Reid, originally in the Sunday Star Times.

Perhaps you should read the latest post on the matter.

Unlike the NZ Herald, which prints more copies of its Rochelle Crewe editions and thus makes more money from exclusive stories, Investigate is contractually restricted from upping or lowering print runs at whim by our distributors. We make no extra money from stories like this.

What we do have is the first genuine sighting of Heidi Paakkonen after police claim she was already dead. I would have thought that was relevant.

The family can only react to what conspiracy theorist Neil Reid actually told them, and we don't know how much context he gave, if any.


So where does this leave us? Did David Tamahere commit at least one murder?

And if he killed one tourist and not two tourists, should he be released from Prison forthwith?


Here is a useful link, reminding us of the persuasive case against David Tamihere:

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