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Shane Ponting

I'm starting to wonder if they have proper training, equipment, etc. Where is the swift action?

Ross Nixon

Where is Bruce Willis when we need him. He would have carries all 29 miners out by now, one at a time.


Outrageous comment. The mine face is a two hour walk into the mountain. How much air would you have to carry to get there and hopefully back with survivors?


I'm a bit concerned about the slowness of what is going on.
After working mining for many years (not coal) it is not hard to spot people who don't know what they are doing.

What I suspect has happened, is that there has been a huge underground blast, and everyone is dead. The idiots above ground are running around like headless chooks not know what to say or do till they send in the experts.

It's a bit shocking, but the main drive is long enough to send peple in with self contained breathing aparatus.
Only trouble is - anyone in there has long been asphyxiated - if not killed outright by the pressure wave.

I'd openly volunteer to go it as I know what to expect ... but there has been no call in the mining community for volunteers.

The lack of information is astounding. There is a huge cover up underway.

Ian Wishart

There are portable breathing units that provide an hour's breathing, and you could carry five or six in a carry bag...they're not overly heavy at all.

The two survivors walked for an hour out of the tunnel without using breathing gear, from two ks in, so it's doubtful that air quality is drastic in the main tunnel anyway.

The only issue as I see it is combustibility, and that's relatively easily solved in choice of clothing and footwear.

We're not talking about sending in a whole team of rescuers to an unknown risk, just one volunteer with a coms link, enough breathing packs, and the ability to tell the rest of us what's happened.



I have a prototype digital coms system on my desk that penetrates rock ... but no one is interested in it!

I believe that the main drive is intact, including the re-inforced segment through the fault zone. Apparently the blast came from the end of the mine, and not the lower deposit.

I suspect that they are all dead ... that the company knws that already, and is getting ready to announce the Obvious.

David White

The "grave fears" comment from Australia appears to be the most realistic assessment of the situation. Here we have people trying to appear positive, and I don't think it is helpful.

The delay? Presumably fear of another explosion, if the ventilation system is now not working.

Send in a robot with a camera and a gas analyzer (or a least a gas sampler).


The joke is that there are no decent robots in NZ - and gas analyzisers are expensive toys.
After all - the MORST committee advertises that the NZ govt shut down industry electronics development in NZ - now how wise was that?

Lets face it - they are spread about like strawberry jame.
That was a thermobaric explosion and vent through the system.
It's Crispy Critter stuff.

And to think that all of this could have been avoided if DOC and the Greenies hadn't put so many obstacles in place to screw over the company in the first place?

This is a wake up call in NZ - all the good people have left, and we only have retards left behind.


There is definitely a cover up going on.
NZ workers have not been appropriately trained to even work in a dangerous environment such as this mine.

Standards in the mine are reportedly extremely poor. I talked to someone who works there, and he said that methane/hydrocarbon venting from the face was common, with chucks being blown off.
He was to be on the next shift.

Candy Lane

It's just as well the soldiers in WW2 were brave, isn't it. Where are the real decision makers these days, I wonder.

Cover up written all over it, something strange going on.


It has John Key all over it. The PM is way too involved in this.
Who has shares where exactly?


So now Ian Wishart is the expert in mining disasters.

I hope Ian has noted the statement on tonight's news expressing annoyance/disappointment at people making statements like those he has expressed in his few sentences above.


I am just watching the press release live feed.

This is a COVER UP.
They have no intentions of getting into the mine in any hurry.

Mining is inherantly dangerous underground, and these idiots are talking about idealogical pie in the sky safety?

All reports of the mine opening up that it was sub standard, and that all safety standards have been ameliated in the process.

This smells of big fat greasy politicians cover their, and their friends investments.

If there was anyone left alive, they will have died of their injuries by now.

I can't believe that New Zealanders sit back and do nothing.
I had a relative die a few years ago in a roof collapse in an underground mine on the coast. He was swashed as flat as a pancake.
People got in there to do what they could.

Words do not describe what one is seeing .... unreal.

Andrew  W

It's frustrating, and brings to mind the case of the Indian shop owner left to die because the police didn't know if the offender had departed - even after being told that he had.
Words of wisdom from armchair experts at the other end of the country should be treated with skepticism though.

That said, I can't for the life of me see why much more couldn't have been done to establish what conditions are like in the mine, I would have thought any number of chop shops in this country could have built a usable robot with a quad bike, a few batteries and a mounted camera in a day.

Candy Lane

Leftist, softly, softly does it idealogy. Bravery went out with decent education, not that its the rescuers fault, it's the people in charge.


You gutless piece of shit Wishart. You and your retarded friends are all cock and no balls.


This thread is a disgrace, and insulting to all involved. Still what would we expect from this source?


Hey Gary!

You know anything about the gas sensors in the mine that were 'lost'?

Because I heard that they were removed by the OHS offcier and management because they kept going off.


I heard (down the pub) that the explosions and cave-in was deliberately caused because the miners are all Taleban. Oh, and I'll believe anything.


Let's just hope the full commission of inquiry is totally honest, open and independent - and will reveal any 'cover ups' that may have occurred. I believe it's too early to be speculating when we don't have the full facts in front of us.

However, I agree that it's frustrating and, on the surface, seems to be far too conservative.

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