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Looks good. The cover page not so flash though, obviously taken from some American photo store. Perhaps a strung out mob member or a still shot of police breaking up a fight in Hamilton (Police ten 7) style.


this is nothing new Jamie Whyte, past Pakuranga collage pupil and past lecturer of philosophy at Cambridge University wrote a book the true cost of crime about 15 yrs ago in it he calculated the total cost to society compared to the cost of putting someone in jail and he came to pretty much the same conclusions, well worth a look if you can find a copy


Its funny how every now and then something pops up to show you're not wrong to have reservations about the official line on things like crime. The officials say its under control but it doesn't feel like it and maybe here's evidence its not under control at all.

A story on the Reseve Bank and money supply would be nice.

Anaru Bickford

I enjoy BEYOND THE DARKLANDS on tv and I wonder out the system that continually fails to support victims adequately.


"Although the country’s murder rate has tripled, per capita, since the 1960s, Fraser reveals that the numbers don’t tell the real story – medical advancements are keeping hundreds alive each year today who would have died in 1960 or 1970, masking the real comparative homicide rate behind an explosion in violent assault statistics instead."

I am not in NZ at the moment and don't have the book to read, but does Fraser cite Peter Hitchen's 2003 book "A Brief History of Crime" for this point? It makes up a good part of the chapter on the death penalty. I don't recall Hitchens citing anyone, so assume the point is his.

Not accusing, just asking.

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