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"The document is ludicrous, has no source citations for its claims and is little more than a promotional brochure for the global warming cult."


It's appalling the amount of discusting brainwashing propaganda and blatant misinformation being passed off in our NZ education system. All in the name of enviro studies, AGW/CC etc.


Crazy, they use science ideas with no references for 14 years olds. Maybe they should give them science papers instead?


it looks like a simpletons propoganda to me - oh thats right there's a reason for that. If they tried to go into more detail the whole argument would fall to bits - even for a 14 year old. I will be pulling my kids out of these classes if this bullshit is still around when they reach that age.

Will Rowe

What a bunch of drivel

Ryan Sproull

Any teacher who exposes children to Comic Sans should be summarily executed.


Ian , you should look at what goes on in Australian schools. What's being taught in this area in Aust & NZ would make a great article for your magazine


"What's being taught in this area in Aust & NZ would make a great article for your magazine"


Teachers quoting Greenpeace and OXfam propaganda literature as part of their source material. Depending on how Green, PC and naive the teacher is.

Idiot teachers telling their pupils. 'Everytime you open the fridge you are helping to destroy the planet'. And all other kinds of lame brain garbage.

Mind you Academia in general these days is becoming more lame brain by the day. So I suppose the latest batch of teachers straight out of teacher training don't know any better. No wonder there's more and more highly skilled teachers with may years of experience under their belts quitting the teaching profession. As some of them have had an utter gutsful of the PC BS, etc being passed off as educational material.


Never mind...i just sit the youngest members of the whanau down and re-educate them...a win win situation for me...i get to spend more time with them and i at least have some direct input to their understanding of the world...funny thing is,once their young minds have been made fully aware of all the issues and just not a one-sided view (as taught by their educators(?)) they usually go to school and ask questions that their teachers either wont answer or skirt around(and hence make complete dicks of themselves) the rest of the class,realizing this,starts to follow suit and start asking and essense never let a complete stranger influence their that not what parenting is all about.

John Shade

Yours is not the only country with this problem. I will add your post to my growing collection on climate curricula:

It is going to take a lot of clearing up one day.

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